Testimonials: Hypnosis


Chronic limb pain/CRPS

Our 10 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  She used crutches all the time because she felt severe pain whenever she tried to walk.  After her fourth Zoom meeting with Dr. Cherry, our daughter abruptly stopped using the crutches and has been walking without assistance ever since.  Last week she chose to run nearly a mile on the beach with some friends.  We feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Cherry.

– John and Lisa S.

Improved anger management and ADHD symptoms

I really appreciate the tools that Dr. Cherry helped provide to my son.  We had immediate results after the first session, and each session brought another tool created by my son with the aid of Dr. Cherry.  For my son that meant mostly video-game themed tools, but that gave him the ‘teeth in the game’ to better enable him to tackle some of the issues with which he struggles.  Thank you so much Dr. Cherry!

– Alyssa H.

Less anxiety, improved focus and self-esteem

We have had such an amazing and wonderful experience with Dr. Cherry over the several months. My teen age daughter who has been suffering from the anxiety and the panic attack for more than 3 years truly made a dramatical change in her life after she met Dr. Cherry and learned about clinical hypnosis. After several sessions with Dr. Cherry, I can see that she was a completely different person. By using clinical hypnosis, my daughter improved herself to manage her anxiety. She learned how to comfort herself, how to focus on the tasks, and how to regain her self-esteem. We deeply appreciate Dr. Cherry from the bottom of hearts for all her immense help and support. 

– Asako K.

Better coping skills

Dr. Cherry has been an invaluable part of my daughter’s health journey in 2021! When my daughter was originally diagnosed with a chronic illness at the end of 2020, our entire focus as a family was centered on addressing her physical needs. We quickly realized that addressing her emotional and mental health needs were equally as important. My daughter has been attending weekly on-line sessions with Dr. Cherry and I am happy to share that she is thriving!  She is happier, better adjusted, and is able to process the ups and downs of dealing with a chronic illness better each day. Having access to these appointments on-line has been invaluable to our family…Dr. Cherry and my daughter have developed a wonderful rapport even though they have not yet met face to face.  My daughter walks away from her sessions lighter, happier, and with an overall better attitude.

– Kelly S.

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