Can I be sure that hypnosis will work for me?

Clinical hypnosis is only effective when a person is open to it.  For instance, if you want your child to spend less time playing video games, but he or she has no interest in changing that behavior or does not want to participate in a hypnosis session, this technique will not be useful.

What if I am too strong-willed to be hypnotized?

Most people can go into a state of hypnosis, so long as they are willing to. And if the goal is to treat a problem using hypnosis, then being determined and strong-willed is actually helpful! At any point in your life, have you ever been so absorbed in what you were doing/reading/watching/playing/thinking that you didn’t hear someone talking to you? If so, you are capable of going into a hypnotic trance.

How long does it take?

Although some problems may resolve after a single session, most conditions will require multiple sessions, spaced 1-2 weeks apart. The number of sessions that it takes to see improvement will depend on several factors including the nature of the symptoms and how frequently a person “practices” between sessions.

Typically, the first session is 50-60 minutes long and follow-up sessions are 40 minutes.

Can I get “stuck” in a trance?

No. You may feel sleepy or groggy for a few minutes after a hypnosis session, but then you will return to your normal level of awareness. It’s a similar situation to when you come out of a movie theater, after being completely absorbed in a good movie — maybe you have had the experience of coming out of the theatre and being surprised that it is still light out, or feeling like it takes a moment to get back to “real life.”

Will I remember what happened?

Unless you specifically give yourself (or ask for) the suggestion of amnesia, you will remember everything that happened during the session.

Could I do something embarrassing or illegal during hypnosis?

When people are in trance, they are still themselves — just in a state of consciousness that may feel more like a daydream. They cannot be controlled or convinced to do something that they would find dangerous, objectionable, or immoral.

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