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Not only is Dr. Cherry an exceptional pediatric gastroenterologist, she is a dedicated patient care giver, willing to go the extra mile.  My [10 year old] son, Ben, had a GI flare up with new symptoms that warranted urgent care. Thankfully, telemedicine visits with Dr. Cherry, and her unwavering support and attention to my son’s needs, got us through some difficult weeks. She answered all my email questions about medications and research promptly, and explained in detail procedures and options for my son.  Her whole child approach, and her vast range of knowledge in traditional and nontraditional treatments offers a level of pediatric care rarely seen today… I cannot express how grateful we are to have been in her care, both in person and more recently, during the Covid pandemic, through telemedicine.  Thank you, Dr. Cherry!
– Kelly L.

[Our daughter] had been experiencing extreme stomach pain for nearly 4 years with no diagnosed reason why. We had gone through extensive testing with our HMO and with all results coming back negative, they were quick to categorize her symptoms as “Functional Abdominal Pain” and anxiety… Imagine our surprise to finally get a diagnosis after 4 years of being told no physical reason was apparent for her pain. What a relief to actually know what is causing her pain so we can finally take steps to reduce or eliminate her symptoms!… She has actually gone entire days with no pain and hopefully that will only continue as we adjust to her new diet.
– Sharon C.

We can’t begin to thank you for solving and resolving [our son’s] tummy issues… and for your insight to help him gain weight.
– Erin and Danny R.

One of our high points this year was bringing [our son] back to good health and his happy self with the guidance of Dr. Rebecca Cherry — our hero — who diagnosed abdominal migraines.  After a two-year struggle and no doubt a lot of pain for [our son] the difference has been life-altering. He now goes to school regularly and sleeps better.
– Sara and Mike F.

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