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Pediatric GI consults and second opinions

Parents caring for a infant, child, or teen with either chronic unexplained digestive symptoms or with a worrisome diagnosis often find themselves with many unanswered questions or concerns. Common thoughts include:

  • I don’t feel like my healthcare providers really hear what I am saying.
  • If all of my child’s test results are normal, why is he or she still having symptoms?
  • Are there any diet changes we should be making?
  • I am concerned about potential side-effects of medications. What are the alternatives?

Dr. Cherry has cared for patients in both academic medical centers and private practice, and approaches each child’s case with a combination of intellectual rigor and compassion. She has particular expertise in the areas of inflammatory bowel disease and chronic pain. In addition, she has been reviewing complex cases and providing second opinions via telehealth platforms for over 7 years, earning a 5/5 rating on 2nd.MD.

Dr. Cherry takes a holistic approach to GI health, incorporating an understanding of the mind-body connection. You can link to a presentation on that topic here.

Dr. Cherry will review your child’s medical records and ask additional questions to explore the history and current symptoms, prior to making suggestions. She will then provide detailed recommendations to you and also send them for review by your pediatrician or other health care provider. Dr. Cherry does not perform procedures such as endoscopy or colonoscopy at this time.

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